Postdoctoral Researchers

postdoctor in group last updated time :  2018/04/08

Name Email (at) Comments Research area Photo
Chunhui Shi Postdoctor Pulsar search  
Jing Tang Postdoctor Magnetic field in brown dwarf  
TaoChung Ching Postdoctor Star formation  
Erin Scott Postdoctor
Chenhui Niu Postdoctor FRB searching, Digital Backend Design
Jumei Yao Postdoctor Pulsar and ISM
Eswaraiah Chakali Postdoctor Star formation, Magnetic fields, Multi-wavelength polarimetry

Former Postdoctor

Name Email (at) Comments Research area Photo
Marko Krco Postdoctor  Evolution of interstellar medium and star formation
Meng Yu Postdoctor, until 2017.8 Pulsar timing and pulsar search  
XiaoHu Li Postdoctor, FAST fellow Astrochemistry
Yogesh Chandola Postdoctor, until 2017.7 Radio galaxies  
Zhiyuan Ren Postdoctor, until 2016.1 Star formation, observation of millimeter interferometer array  
Ran Duan Postdoctor, until 2018 Technology of adio receiver and backend  
Lei Zhu Postdoctor until 2014