Research and Administrative Staff

Staff List - Last updated: 2019/11/20

Name Email (at) Comments Research area Photo
Di Li Professor, FAST chief scientist, director of ISM group
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Star formation; HINSA; Pulsar lidi
Jingwen Wu Professor Utral-luminous galaxies and galaxy evolution; Evolution of massive star; The connection between the MilkyWay and galaxies Wujw
Weiwei Zhu Professor Pulsar Zhuww
Chao-Wei Tsai Professor
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Super Star Cluster Formation and Evolution; Supermassive Black Hole Accretion Processes; Hyperluminous Infrared Galaxy Evolution; Starburst Dwarf Galaxy Formation
Marko Krco Senior operation scientist  Evolution of interstellar medium and star formation
Zheng Zheng associate professor in Xingyun C project Structure and evolution of nearby galaxies
Zhiyuan Ren assistant professor Star formation, observation of millimeter interferometer array
Hui Shi assistant professor Evolution of early massive star formation region, molecular lines and radio recombination lines, maser
Pei Wang assistant professor Pulsar search
Shu Liu assistant professor, 973 assistant Core mass function and evoution of dense cores
Zhichen Pan assistant professor Technology and method in radio astronomy
Xinxin Zhang associate system engineer Receiver
Hualei Lyu Secretary
Ying Wang Secretary


Name Email (at) Comments Research area Photo
Yu Dai ydai Now at NAOC.